Onto October, autumn arrives in the Northern Hemisphere and spring as well in the south. It’s good on you when you decide to travel more, but it’s get complicated when it comes to choosing your destination to travel. Surely there’s an easier way than trawling through the endless travel mages and guides for the answer, right?? We are here with a bucket-list of top-10 best places to travel in October. You will surely get a unique experience and amazing weather to chase around the world.

  • 1. Armenia: However its architecture, fascinating history, impressive scenery, delectable cuisine and charming folks, Armenia is one of the Caucasus’ best-kept secrets. Enjoy gawping at the delightful vistas of snow-capped Mount Ararat or visit the Geghard Monastery, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site and probably the most beautiful religious building in the country. And don’t miss the chance to sit at the top of the Cascade and witness the life in capital go by.Armenia
  • 2. Taiwan: Referred to as Asia’s most enticing up-and-coming destination, Taiwan boasts an eccentric amalgamation of cosmopolitan cities, idyllic temples, and lush landscapes. By October the seasons in the city changes again and again and autumn is getting underway, brings it to the cooler after sizzling summer. The city is amongst the place to visit and won’t spoil your choice. Go biking or at breath-taking kayaking at Sun Moon Lake. Savor yourself with some of the world’s best street food at Taipei’s bustling night markets.Taiwan
  • 3. Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan seems to a mystery to most of the travleres. It’s fascinating history spans millennia. From the Bronze Age to the birth of the Silk Road, the city welcomes interested travelers. Start your exploration in the nation ’s futuristic capital Ashgabat. Don’t miss the ornate, white buildings and golden statues of the president. Other must-see attractions include the ancient ruined city of Kunye Urgech, the flaming Darvaza Gas Crater, or Door to Hell.Turkmenistan
  • 4. Chile: Home to most of the beautiful places on the globe. Chile is a real heaven for landscape lovers. And October is the brilliant time to see the scenery in all its glory. Chilean Patagonia is the most gorgeous with blue skies and brightly colored flowers adding extra beauty to the atmosphere.Chile
  • 5. Greece: This October must-visit Greece and its idyllic islands. If you are really a water baby, then you’ll be pleased to hear the surrounding Aegean Sea will have reached a benign 23 degree-celsius. Fly to Greece and must-visit the historic site of Akrotiri, Santorini for stonking sunsets, wineries and remarkable views of the caldera. The heavenly beaches and vibrant nightlife. And don’t forget to explore the handful Greek islands too.Greece
  • 6. Germany: There is one serious reason you should visit Germany this October and that’s the beautiful Oktoberfest!! The 16-18day folk festival emerged in Munich back in 1811. Apart from eating, dancing and enjoying beer, you can also find joy in the colorful parades, stomach-churning fairground rides and dressing up in traditional lederhosen. Make sure to experience several highlights around the Bavarian capital.Frankfurt, Germany
  • 7. North Adams: For an indelible getaway this destination doesn’t require a passport. This tiny town in the Berkshires is undoubtedly at its best in October. Peak leaf peeping season. The best way to explore the city is to rent a car for a 6-mile drive along the Mohawk Trail. Better known as the MASS MoCA Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts, it is a plethora of bookshops, cafes, galleries.North Adams
  • 8. Iceland: There is never the better time to visits this enchanting city than October when the Northern Lights return. Retreat yourself at the Blue Lagoon and to make things even more indelible, take a night swim in the pool for a private viewing of the Aurora or take a view of an unreal painted sky from the top of your hotel room.Godafoss, Iceland
  • 9. Jaipur, India: October is known to be the end of the monsoon season in India. And it is the ideal time to visit Jaipur. The weather strikes a perfect balance of not-too-hot and not-to-cold. This is the time when you can explore elephant sanctuaries, bejewelled palaces, and incredible shopping.Palace of Winds, Jaipur, India
  • 10. Formentera, Spain: Head to southern Spain during October and skip the hectic summer crowds. Formentera promises stunning beaches and warm temperatures until the end of the month. The place gives you an atmosphere that is a refreshingly free chain of restaurants, brand name stores. Unlike its neighbour Ibiza, this place doesn’t have massive nightclubs and big hotels, and this factor makes it a perfect European escape.Formentera, Spain

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