“The lesser you know the better it is!!” The port city of Saudi Arabia is a gateway for pilgrimages to the renowned Islamic cities Mecca and Medina. Also known as the ‘bride of the Red Sea’ maybe it has very few tourist sites, but still it attracts many visitors from around the world. Various revolutions, handled by different rulers and several civilizations contribute to the city’s history and culture. So garb your cheapest airfares to Jeddah and discover the top 10 places you must visit in Jeddah.

  • 1. Souq Al Alawi
    This is the most extensive part of the Kingdom where you can find market stalls in the heart of the city along with Arabian Jewelry Islamic art and traditional dresses.
  • 2. Fakieh Aquarium
    Next to Al Nawras this aquarium offers sharks, turtles, and other variety fishes. This place also leaves a place for ice-skating rink, on-site buffet style restaurants and children arcade.
  • 3. Al Tayibat City Museum for International Civilisation
    It is a private four floored museum preserving pre-Islamic artifacts, old coins, weaponry, Islamic manuscripts, pottery and Saudi dresses accompanied by a wide range of information.
  • 4. Yildizlar
    This place as a local institution offers mixture of Turkish and Lebanese food. With mesmerizing decoration this place serves grilled quails, boneless pigeon, caviar, fish dishes etc.
  • 5. Green Island
    It is spread through the water in forms of chalets on stilts with glass floor panel. With the domination of sea food this place is beautiful for a flash providing you Lebanese, continental and Indian cuisines.
  • 6. Naseef House
    Among the sea of decrepitude it is a uniquely restored coral house. King Abdul Aziz created the wide ramps in the staircase space so that the camel messengers can ride up to the top terrace and convey messages.
  • 7. Fish Market
    Close to the coast guard and the port, there remains frenetic and colorful fish market where 50 species of sea creatures are kept in view like parrotfish, squid and hammerhead sharks.
  • 8. Reem Al Bawadi
    This two level Lebanese eatery with outdoor dining offers a sweet shop on the ground floor and family dinner opportunity upstairs. You can find mixed grill and fresh seafood.
  • 9. Souq
    This place is subdivided into sections where you can find different immigrant groups like Yemenis selling Yemeni coffee and ceremonial daggers.
  • 10. Beit Al Balad
    This place is a museum now housing artifacts, photographs, ephemera which is a symbol of Jeddah’s history. Previously it was British legation’s headquarters.

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