Eric Stoen, families who travel twice a year to Europe with his kids, one of the regular travellers of us, has given some memorable travel experiences for travelling with family. Activities like festivals, walking tour, small cooking classes are wise plans for short trips. Standard activities also include museum tours, kid-friendly cultural performances etc. Below are the 10 unmissable family activities for the tourist destination – Europe.

  1. The LEGO Inside Tour
    This place allows less than 200 people every year to watch the behind action of factory, operation and Legoland Park. The inside tour is the best three days of enjoyment for children as well as grown-ups. You can ask anything to the designers and engineers and shop at employee stores.The LEGO Inside Tour
  2. Falconry at Ashford Castle
    Ireland’s School of Falconry on the castle grounds are a mesmerizing way to learn the basics of hunting. The Hawks come to eat their food like small rodent or chicken part from your gloves which are spread out and fly away again. The falconries are fun and it is throughout everywhere in the world.Falconry at Ashford Castle
  3. Climbing to the Top of the Duomo
    Florence’s Duomo stands apart from all of Europe’s top hill towns and church towers. The fun of Duomo remains on climbing to the top by a narrow way crammed between outer and inner dome. Although it requires an early reservation.Duomo
  4. Macaron Making in Paris
    Cooking classes are very famous in Paris, but the most favourite part was creating Cooking with Class at Montmartre. It takes over three hours and kids above 5 years are recommended to do this.Macaron Making in Paris
  5. Pasta Making in Italy
    The kids can become really brilliant in kitchen by the classes from Venice, Florence, and Cortona. Making pasta in Italy is a fun activity apart from Macarons.Pasta Making in Italy
  6. Spending Two Weeks on a Greek Island
    Cruise ships are the best and easiest way to see the Greek islands. To explore Naxos, staying in a beach hotel, roaming around to islands and restaurants will fill you up with Greek culture. Paros, Mykonos, Santorini are short distances from Naxos.Greek Island
  7. A Picnic at Eiffel Tower
    Picnic at Eiffel Tower/Champ de Mars Park introduces you to quite a few new things like common food at Rue Cler at an affordable price, playground for kids and vendors walking around with wine bottles for sale.Picnic at Eiffel Tower
  8. Taking Art Class
    Drawing London class with Context travel will be considered as the best possible art class where an expert illustrator as a guide takes the kids through several museums to teach them the art of shading. Except that all the other paint, sketch, and drawings in Europe added to new skills to our kids.Taking Art Class
  9. Attending the Salzburg Music Festival
    Salzburg Festival creates an opportunity to come in close contact with the classical music and opera emphasizing on kid-oriented concerts. Kids do enjoy the traditional Austrian dress-ups and child operas.Salzburg Music Festival
  10. Amsterdam
    Amsterdam will be a superb family destination with its paddle boats and bike paths galore. Eating and picture opportunities are adventurous.Amsterdam

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