Even if you have the greatest desire to land down your dream destinations for exploring the wonders, for discovering the unknown surprises, without adventurous activities your trip cannot be completed. So let’s take a tour of some destinations which are not only meet your travel desire but also give you the real dose of adventure. If you ask people that what their favorite places are, they will probably come up with their bucket list that contains full of experiences. That means technically they cherish their visit through their best memories not the places that doesn’t have any of them. So it’s all about that memories that gives us energy to pack our bag again. So let’s begin our journey.

  1. Have you ever done swimming with Whale Sharks? Well Mexico can offer you

The enormous sharks off the coast of Cancun are very friendly in nature. They seem like buses in the oceans. You may feel that their mouth bigger than that that you have, even if they are 6-7 year old children. But you will fell thrill swimming along with them as they are harmless and beautiful. You can take boat for tour that will drop you in exact place; you can jump there and swim besides glorious water creators. You will never forget this lifetime experience for sure. Sharing water with this beautiful giants will an awesome experience for you, moreover Mexico won’t let you down in terms of natural beauty.Women Swimming with Shark

  1. Sledding in Finland with Husky is one of the most exciting activities for sure

Imagine a scenario, the white snow is welcoming you and the beautiful forest is cherishing for it. Nothing could be more beautiful than Finish forest wonderland, visit Finland and try sled ride for discovering the alluring forest while pulled by vary enthusiast huskies. You can be the driver standing on the back or you can enjoy sledding with warm blanket, the ride is elating in anyways.Sledding in Finland with Husky

  1. Don’t miss to float in the Dead Sea in Israel

It is the craziest thing that you are going to do is you land down Israel. You can float in any sea or sea and experience the ultimate freedom when you will stretch your arm and legs under the sky. And if you want to take the best facial in the world, don’t forget to cover yourself with vitamin enriched mud.Dead Sea in Israel

  1. Heli Hiking is the ultimate experience for hiking enthusiast

If you are adventure enthusiasts, then you should not miss to visit this place. It will be an absolutely worthy experience and equally intense, if you take the route which crosses Mount Nimbus via Ferrata. After completion of hiking, a helicopter swoops in to pick you up and you will get back to hotel where hot tub, mouth-watering dinner will be waiting for you sure.Heli Hiking

  1. Africa Safari in Zambia will be awesome experience for animal lovers

Nestled in the southern part of Africa, Zambia features with Victorian Fall which is shared with Zimbabwe. The forest has five big creatures viz lion, elephant, leopards, and water buffalo. Take night safaris for witnessing these wonderful creatures and enjoy moonlight with them.Africa Safari in Zambia

  1. Thailand offers outstanding Cliff Diving experience

Do you want to feel adrenal rush? Thailand will be your ideal place. Railay features with more than 700 ways bolted in to the rugged cliff, and sea cliffs ideal for deepwater free climb.Cliff Diving in Thailand

  1. Check out Bedouin Camp in Jordon

Land down to Jordon and experience the most thrilling train ride. The ancient Hejaz Railway Train ride will give you tells you the story out of the 1962 movie Lawrence of Arabia. Enjoy your drink a little away from the camp, tantalize your taste buds with tenderly cooked lamb or you can try the locally brewed tea.Bedouin Camp in Jordon

  1. Swim in Arctic Frozen Waters in Finland

Have you heard about the Sampo? It is the mighty icebreaker and it will you take you to the northern Gulf of Bothnia out of Finnish Lapland, this part of the Baltic Sea. After boarding the icebreaker, you are going see a presentation and guided tour and you will be giving a dry suit which you need to don and then you can jump into the frozen water. This will be an extraordinary experience for every traveler. The spectacular white frozen sea will definitely take your breath away.Arctic Frozen Waters in Finland

  1. Burning Man in Nevada, USA

The event will be an unforgettable experience for you. You will find almost 7500 of travelers all over the world dress in costume celebrating happiness. This is the event where people celebrate humanity, music, charity, chemically pioneered happiness which rejoiced with beat of tender techno.Burning Man in Nevada

  1. Horseback Swimming in Jamaica

If you want to experience the horse ride and swimming both in one goes, you Jamaica is your place. It begins with a tour from the farmland described by a guide. After that, it goes on swimming on horseback.Horseback Swimming in Jamaica

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