The capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague is the sixth most visited cities. The city is gone through many changes. Prague is the city ticks off every box on the European “must-have” travelers list. Prague fits every requirement of the travelers. The City of Hundred Spires is worth visiting. Following are the reasons why you should visit Prague in September:

  1. There is more to rink than Just Beers
    The city is famous for its beer. Beer’s been brewed here since at least the 12th century. Many traditional pubs are licensed by one brewery. All you have to do just put a coaster down on your table and you’ll be brought beers until you say stop!!Glass of Beer
  2. Various Annual Events and Festivals
    The city hosts various events annually, which will make your trip memorable. There are seasonal events, holiday parades, and sometimes specific markets for special occasions such as winter Christmas market, Pumpkin, and Fall Festival. You can also have some good pictures here too to save memories of your pleasurable trip.Arena Concert Hall
  3. Prague is a Safer City
    Walking around the city at night to capture and take in the rest beautiful views at night is safer in Prague. The city is classed as one of the safest cities in the world, so you don’t need to worry about the crimes like robberies, kidnapping etc.Prague City
  4. Nightlife and Clubs
    The nightlife of Prague is great. You can have a lot of fun and a great time there as its pretty lively and offers a lot. From pubs to jazz clubs to live music, the city has all to do in evenings. You can also taste the famous Czech beer which is cheap! If clubbing is not your thing, then there are plenty of other things to do such as the museums, shops and even some night tours to discover the darkest and scariest secrets.Club Footbridge, Prague
  5. Admire the Architecture
    The architecture of the city is so stunning that you can’t take off your eyes of it. There is so much to look, especially the churches, the government buildings which are still intact today. While exploring the city, you’ll find that the city has a mix of gothic and renaissance architecture.Dancing Building, Prague
  6. Tour Groups are Smaller
    If you are traveling to Prague in September, then whether you go on a fully organized group tour or just want to join a food tour or city tour, then your group most likely to be the smaller one that in summer. In smaller groups, your guide will share some hidden spots and local tips than the huge group. You will be able to ask more questions and such group are more intimate and informative.Prague
  7. Best Time for Hiking
    In the early falls, the city of Prague is best for Hiking. Temperatures are good for outdoorsy activities. In the city, Bohemian Switzerland is one of the most popular hiking destinations., just one hour north of Prague.South Tyrol, Prague
  8. Mushroom and Game Season
    This season is perfect for you, whether you want to try goulash made from wild deer or boar, or maybe a creamy or delicious gravy served with silky dumplings. You can savor your taste buds by trying all the seasonal delicacies in Prague. The city is a truly Food Heaven!!Street Food in Prague
  9. Beautiful Fall Colors
    In shades of Fiery orange and red, golden shimmering leaves turn the forests into a sea of flames. Make sure to spend some time in nature, or in few parks during your trip. Explore the beautiful Telc (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It’s a colorful Renaissance house.Prague Night
  10. Flights are Cheaper in this Season
    You can score some great deals on cheap airline tickets to Prague in this season if you are very conscious about your budget. Use FareCampus to get the best-discounted deals on your airline tickets to Prague.

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