Street food customs is less widespread in Japan in order to compare to other Asian country compared to other Asian countries like Thailand or Taiwan. Here night marketplaces are a normally unusual phenomenon in Japan. The food vendors of Japan usually come up with their stalls during the time of hundreds of festivals each year which takes place over the country. So let’s discover some mouthwatering Japanese street food to savor.

1. Kare Pan

Kare pan is one of the testiest items if we are talking about Japanese street food. It is kind of okazu pan, the term is used to explain that particular bread item which comes with the filling of different type of savory ingredients. The item is made of sweet dough that has been deep fried and breaded. A Kare pan features with rich Japanese curry. With dark hues and a slightly mild flavor, Kare Pan has earned a reputation for a unique food item than the other Asian Cruise.

2. Takoyaki

This Takoyaki is a typical dish of octopus fired which consists of fried balls of batter in which you will discover the octopus, ginger, green onions, and tempura pieces. The crunchy Takoyaki balls come with green onions, fish shavings, special Takoyaki sauce which is slightly similar to Worcester sauce, and the mayonnaise. Though octopus sounds little bizarre it really delicious in taste.

3. Crêpes

Although the item, crepes didn’t originate from Japan. But it is very popular among Japanese people. It usually served into the cone so that you can savor it very easily. The crepes are featured with the fresh item like this sweet fruits or flavorful egg and it comes with little crispy in taste. Marion Crêpes on Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku is one of the famous spots to get mouthwatering crepes.

4. Gyoza

Gyoza invented in China, where it is known as jiaozi, but the similar food item is very popular in Japan as well. The deep-fried dumplings are classically topped with a blend of ground pork, nira chives, cabbage, onion, garlic and ginger, soya sauce and sesame oil. The dumplings are served in groups of six and eaten along with a unique dipping sauce made up of soya sauce and vinegar. Guests can get these items by visiting any izakaya and ramen shops.

5. Korokke

Korokke is a similar kind of food as crepes. The korokke is basically a Japanese spin served on the classic fresh plate. Influenced by French croquettes, Korokke contains mashed potatoes or cream sauce encircled by a breaded and profoundly fried patty. You will be served the item by wrapping in the paper for easy to eat and hold.

6. Yaki Tomorokoshi

Corn is most commonly used in the pizza, pasta, and bread in all over the world. But in Japan, during the season, cobs in stick can often be seen grilled up at the roadside on festivals. The corn is firstly grilled or boiled, and then it served with soya sauce.

7. Dango

Dango is round dumplings made up of gooey rice and flour and water. It has to boil until it becomes firm. Generally, 3-4 dango are usually served in once plates, which are topped with different savory sauce.

8. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is something similar to the normal potato but sweeter in taste. During the winter and autumn season, you will discover these sweet potatoes are used in different ways in the different food item. Street food vendors served these sweet with salt and sugar after roasting it on the hot stone.

9. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki s one of most tasty pancakes prepared on the griddle. The savory dish contains eggs, flours, cabbage and as well as a variety of possible vegetables and meets. It is generally served by preparing Kansai style in which the cook firstly mixed the ingredients together and after that, it pours on the grill.

10. Yakitori

Yakitori is the food of small chicken piece, skewered and grilled on bamboo sticks. Mainly chicken thighs and wings are used to arrange this preparation. The meat is typically seasoned with salt or any kind of savory.

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