Mount Hood is a stunning place to land down at any time of the year. In winter most travelers go to downhill for enjoying skiing resorts but most magnetizing reason to make their way to Oregon’s is its most appealing peak. There are other reasons for which you want to check out this place which is not too far from Poland.

1. Down Hill Skiing

House of five famous ski resorts, Down Hill Skiing is most visited destination among travelers. The famous resorts are Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, Skibowl, Cooper Spur Mountain Resort and the very small Summit Ski Area which will provide the ultimate pleasure skiing and collectively they shows the incredible territory of mountains with guests.

2. Accessibility of Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing

If you are skiing enthusiasts, then you definitely should not miss Mount Hood. Mount Hood welcomes its guests with ample choice of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. Some of famous destinations which will offer some spectacular moments are Trillium Lake, Teacup, Pocket Creek, and the well decorated trails at Mount Hood Meadows.

3. Timberline Lodge

Established by the Civilian Conversation Corps in the year 1937, Timberline lodge is of the internationally prominent destination worth taking stopover at any season. During the winter time, book a room to relish food and drinks, and unwind yourself in an amazing hot tub soak and then for skiing at ski resorts at Timberline.

4. Feel the Tranquility in Snow

When most of the skiing friendly spots remain overloaded with tourists, few places of Mount Hood offers some solace and tranquility at the same time. If you consider this these spot for cherishing snow activities, you will love to be there to enjoy snow with fewer crowds. Tilly Jane is one of the travelers’ favorite spot for snow shoeing. By visiting Tilly Jane you can also reach trail toward Ramana Falls along the Sandy River.

5. Witness Frozen Waterfalls

In winter season traveler can access the trail of Tamanawas Falls. When temperature remains dip below zero, the stunning water fall converts into a wild stream to an icicle- drenched wonder.

6. Winter Mountaineering

Mount Hood is frequently climbed in the early summer days when snow starts to melt and days get lengthy, but you can climb irrespective of season. Mountaineer may procrastinate the program till the time when relentless winter storms and when the avalanche state permit for a safe road to the summit.

7. Beer and Hot Toddies

Spend some lazy time with beer, sitting in the lodge or brewery where fire is giving the warmth of evening and relishing the snow fall out that stimulate your heart and soul. Land down at Blue Ox Bar at Timberline Lodge or Mt. Hood Brewing Company for grabbing burger and sipping beer.

8. Sledding

Take advantage of ample of sledding opportunities on the edge of Mount Hood and enjoy snow activities. At the hill Snow Bunny and on the base of White River of West Snow- Park, there is a provision where you can bring your own tubes and sleds to Trillium Lake.

9. Ski in Huts and Fire Lookout

There are several huts which you can reserve and fire looks are accessible on Mount Hood.

10. Back-country Entrance

Traveler can also visit this Back-country or side country destination and witness some great landscape. Visit Tom Dick and Harry Mountain and enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and lot more snow activities.

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