Located on the River Main, Frankfurt is an important commercial and economic center. The city is dominated by a great cluster of a high-rise building. Frankfurt has various historical attractions, art museums, and shopping streets. With cheap airline tickets to Frankfurt, peep into the history of the city with the top 10 historical places in Frankfurt.

  • 1. The Romerberg: Frankfurt’s Old Town Center- It is the city’s busiest pedestrian zone. It is an irregularly shaped structure with the Justice Fountain at its center. The Romerberg is Frankfurt ’s most picturesque public square where you can capture moments. Home to numerous tourist attractions, it has many open-fronted shops.The Romerberg
  • 2. The Museum District- On the bank of the River Main, it is a first-rate collection of the separate museums. The highlight of this museum includes the Museum of World Cultures, regarded as one of Europe’s ethnological museum which houses a collection of more than 65,000 artifacts. Other museums are the German Architectural Museum, the Film Museum, the Museum of Applied Art and the Stadel Art Museum.The Museum
  • 3. The Palm Garden- Also known as the Palmengarten, it is the largest botanic garden in Germany. It attracted some of the top performers from all around the world, with a number of greenhouses containing various subtropical and tropical plants species. It exhibits are laid out as per the geographical locations.The Palm Garden
  • 4. Senckenberg Natural History Museum- It is the second largest of its kind in Germany. Located in Senckenberg Gardens, it is one of the most modern museums of natural history in Europe. This museum also houses the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds, along with an extensive exhibit.Senckenberg Natural History Museum
  • 5. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral- The most important antiquity of this museum is the skullcap of St. Bartholomew. This Roman Catholic church was built of red sandstone in Gothic style and at 95 meters, and still manages to stand out in the city of skyscrapers.St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral
  • 6. Goethe House and Museum- The sprawling metropolis of Germany was the birthplace of the amazing writer, Johann Wolfgang von Gothe. You can witness his lifestyle here, how the well-to-do family and their staff have lived here. Next-door is the Goethe Museum. This museum has a 14-room gallery showcasing artworks.Goethe House
  • 7. The Hauptwache- It is the busiest pedestrian areas in the Frankfurt. The most remarkable building here is the old Baroque Guard House. It is famous for its mix of fine historic buildings and modern structures.The Hauptwache
  • 8. Art City: The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art- It is a stunning post-modern building in the heart of the city. This museum is widely regarded as one of Europe’s important galleries of contemporary art. With more than 30,000 items of European and Asian applied art, this museum is one of the favorite places for travelers especially the art lovers.Art City: The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art
  • 9. The Old Opera House- This opera house was rebuilt and reopened in 1981 as the city’s one of the important concert venues. It is the perfect example of the Italian High Renaissance.The Old Opera House
  • 10. The Eschenheimer Tower- Built in the early 1400s, it is the finest relic from Frankfurt’s old town. The tower houses a café and meeting rooms which is used by local historical societies.The Eschenheimer Tower

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