Tropical islands and beaches are always at the top of the bucket lists of the favorite destinations of every traveler. These exotic places are often difficult to get to, if you don’t have passport. But fortunately, you can witness the beauty of these beaches of the U.S. Virgin Islands to National Parks in American Samoa, there are various hippest destinations you can visit and plan your next trip in no time- no passport required!!

Following is the list of top 10 destinations where you can enjoy some leisure time without passport:

1. US Virgin Island

US Virgin Island is like Caribbean Paradise for American citizen. The place welcomes its guests with jumbles dance of carnival parade, lilting patois of a Creole language and lot more. There are famous three islands which traveler should not miss viz St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix. With its pampering hospitality, undisturbed nature’s touch and colonial historic taste, this place will definitely amazed you for sure. The bonus advantage to visit this destination is traveler can pay everything with US dollars.

2. Vieques, Puerto Rico

Another destination is Vieques, the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. The island is best for known for its boat trip of Bioluminescent Bay or Mosquito Bay where water microbes creates blue-green glow in the water. If you want to enjoy snorkeling and other water sport, don’t miss this place.

3. Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is a small, distinctly populated island welcomes travelers to witness its dramatic sunset’s scene from its silvery beaches. The island of Puerto Rico, Culebra offers alluring beaches of the world and some high class accommodation to unwind.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Capital and biggest metropolisthe of Puerto Rico, San Juan is one of the destinations which carrys Spanish heritage and traditions without giving up the water front sunset scene. Visit few of eminent Spanish structure named El Morro and La Fortaleza and witness the wide ocean scenario.

5. Key West, Florida

You are looking to visit real paradise in the US continental; Key West will be your best bet. Situated in the southernmost point of Florida, Key West is best known for its coral reefs and if you want to take dose of snorkeling and deep sea diving, this place is ultimate to satisfy your dreams.

6. Guam

The western most territory in the US, Guam is one of the famous military bases, recently turned into one of leading attractions in the Western Pacific. The tropical heaven features with superlative golf course, eclectic beach clubs, and world class accommodation to meet your every travel needs.

7. Hawaii

A remote volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific, Hawaii Island is best known for its craggy landscape of cliffs, tropical foliage, and waterfalls. Most intriguing part of this island is witnessing the beaches with gold, black, red, and ever green sand. So if you want to explore the wanders of the world with our passport hassle, this is your place.

8. American Samoa

A pictorial feast of green serrated peaks, idyllic seashores with electric blue depths, the island of American Samoa are the real stuff in South Pacific fantasy are made of.

9. Swains Island, American Samoa

If you are adventure enough and want to give a solid dose to your adventure instinct, head towards the Swains Island, American Samoa. The coral islands will welcome travelers with lots of beach activities and adventure water sports.

10. Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

How could we miss the name Saipan when we are talking about tropical vacation destinations which do not require the passport? The Micronesian delight has been called America’s best secrete to keep.

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