Drinking is a favorite pastime in Denver, but responsibly. Harly, you can go five blocks without passing a brewery or distillery. You will find really good options in the Mile High City. Whatever you like, whatever is your choice, you are sure to find at these 10 famous distilleries in Denver.

  1. Great Divide Brewing Company
    Founded in the Ballpark neighborhood in 1994 by Brian Dunn, this company was one of the first craft breweries in the city of Denver. You can talk about beer in the Mile High City without mentioning Great Divide. The place is known for its higher ABV yet balanced. Now it has two locations- the OG taproom and the Barrel Bar in RiNo.
  2. Denver Beer Co.
    The place has won hearts of the Denverites with its logo alone, which mimics the Colorado flag in color and design. The beer of the place is great too. Everything is brewed in small batches and is obtained with fresh ingredients, which is laudable. The brewery is famous for its Graham Cracker Porter and Incredible Pedal IPA. It is one of the city’s busiest patios for a sunny day.
  3. Call to Arms Brewing Company
    Call to Arms’ Berkeley taproom is opened in 2015 and is reminiscent of a British pub. Its handcrafted wood bar makes this place best. You can try the Oats and Hose oatmeal porter or Clintonian Pale Ale here.
  4. Ratio Beerworks
    Here as like most of the other breweries in Denver, its all about having fun. The place offers plenty of things to do while drinking them down. Grab a seat on the handcrafted tables in the industrial taproom or just head out for a game of cornhole on the large, mural-walled patio. Hit up any of the food truck, so you are not drinking on empty stomach. The beer here is good and even more setting.
  5. Little Machine Bar
    Among the vast number of Denver breweries, Little Machine manages to stand out. There is the circular bar in its Jefferson Park taproom and the robot theme. You must try Faulty Wire, it is a dessert barleywine aged in the Caribbean rum and Mexican port barrels for 11 months. You won’t find these breweries anywhere else.
  6. Stranahan’s Distillery
    American single malt whiskey is not new for Stranahan’s. It is Colorado’s first whiskey distillery. It gives you three varieties to try; enjoy them neat or in a well-balanced cocktail. Or, book a spot online for one of the hour-long tours. While you are in Denver, see if you can get your hands on a bottle of Snowflake.
  7. Leopold Bros.
    Leopold Bros. is all about options. Leopold’s spirits attract the Rockey Mountain Blackberry are especially tasty. They are great for cooking as well as drinking.The family-owned and operated, a small-batch distillery in northeast Denver produces high-class vodka, whiskey, gin, fernet, liqueurs, absinthe, and aperitivo. Everything here is bottled by hand.
  8. Laws Whiskey House
    It is one of the best bars in town. Its bourbon, whiskeys, and ryes are rich smooth and carefully crafted. Their liquors are aged in charred American White Oak barrels; the grain and the corn are from Colorado suppliers. For a unique taste, register online for whiskey tours.
  9. Bear Creek Distillery
    Bear Creek is among the city’s best examples as a trademark of “small-batch”. Its rums, vodkas, and whiskeys all are handcrafted using local ingredients as often as possible. This distillery has won three American Craft Spirits Association Award. You can also schedule a trip online or stop by the tasting room for tasting the best spirits.
  10. Rising Sun Distillery
    They have the best certified organic spirits. Pedal there for a free tour and taste all the authentic and unique spirits such as vodka, gin, and peach brandy, which is made with fruit from Colorado’s Western Slope.

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