San Jose

Deriving from the Spanish word ‘Saint Joseph’ officially named the city of San Jose is called upon as the largest city of Northern California. Subsequently it is the cultural, economic and political center of Silicon Valley. With the help of 2017 census estimation it is the third most populated city of California containing 1,035,317 members. The city contains an area of 179.97 square miles situated in the center of Santa Clara Valley upon the southern shore of San Francisco Bay. It is the largest city of both San Francisco Bay Area (accommodating 7.7 million citizens) and San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Combined Statistical Area (accommodating 8.7 million citizens).

San Jose is a significant global city as a center of innovation. The wide range high tech industry it has earned the name as the capital of Silicon Valley. According to Brookings Institution it possesses the third highest per capita GDP.

Best Time to Visit San Jose

The city has a Mediterranean climate. As the city is completely covered by islands and mountains thus it remains sheltered from the rainfall and on an average conveys 301 days of sunshine. The average temperature remains 10°C on December and January, on the other hand 21.1°C remains on July and August. San Jose and its suburbs enjoys 300 completely or partially sunny days on an average along with 59 days of rainfall.

Snow rarely falls on San Jose, but when it falls around Santa Cruz Mountains or Mount Hamilton it stays for very few days, so the choice remains upon the travelers that when they want to visit depending on what they want to experience.

Language & Currency

Language Currency
Spanish Colon

Top 10 Attractions in San Jose

  • 1. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
    According to historians and ancient enthusiasts this place is called to be a real retreat. There are various and notable Egyptian artifacts and antiquities around the museum.
  • 2. Municipal Rose Garden
    The main attraction of this garden is that, it is blossomed with various types of roses. It is a good place for picnic and photography.
  • 3. Winchester Mystery House
    This mansion was owned by Sarah Winchester who was the widow of a recognized gun magnate. This place delves a historic significance with numerous news reports of being haunted.
  • 4. Tech Museum of Innovation
    This museum summarizes Silicon Valley, largely filled with technology related energy efficiency, genetics, customization and exploration.
  • 5. Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph
    This Old Catholic church is blooming with beautiful architecture. It is a spiritual place having quality interiors and a stunning dome.
  • 6. Los Gatos Creek Trail
    To enjoy the beauty of bay area, this place is a great place for long walks and obtaining a mixture with nature through bare feet. This is also a good place for bike rides, relaxation and long walks.
  • 7. San Jose Museum of Art
    With a variety of art engravings this museums consists of also a gift shop inside which provides many artistic objects and novelty.
  • 8. Willow Glen
    This place is a small and offbeat outskirts of San Jose where you can find amazing parks, restaurants, boutiques and bookstores.
  • 9. San Jose Flea Market
    This market is filled with fruits and vegetables along with several stalls to sell jewelry, fossils, crystals etc.
  • 10. San Pedro Square Market
    This is a popular local hangout place where we can find vendors, pubs and restaurants.

Outdoor Activities in San Jose

  • 1. Municipal Rose Garden
    With an area of five and half acre and containing more than 4000 roses is a lovely place to relax, recoup and smell the fresh air.
  • 2. San Jose Museum of Art
    To witness 2000 art works of late 20th and 21st century like as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, it would be a unique place.
  • 3. Willow Glen
    The vintage shops, special boutiques, sidewalk cafes, walkable tree-lined streets are the things to enjoy in this place.

Shopping & Night Life in San Jose

City’s most stylish shops filled with designer brands and nightlife is waiting for you in Santana Row. The lively nightlife wakes after the sun sets in San Jose. With its world class shopper stop and bustling nightlife scene, the city has everything to offer for travelers.

Airport of San Jose, California

San Jose is covered by four airports. Sequentially those are Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport which is two miles northwest of downtown, Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara county which is a general aviation airport on the eastern part of San Jose, San Francisco International Airport as a major international hub 35 miles to the northwest of the city, Oakland International Airport located 35 miles to the north.

Getting Around of San Jose, California

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority functionalizes the local VTA light rail system which connects to Milpitas, Campbell and Almaden Valley. The other rail providences around San Jose areAmtrak (San-Jose Capitol Corridor and Los Angeles Coast Starlight), Caltrain (San Francisco and Gilroy), ACE (Pleasanton and Stockton)

VTA governs a many bus routes in San Jose and its surrounding places. Paratransit services are provided to local residents by VTA. The highway 17 express communicates central part San Jose to Santa Cruz.