Miami, the name reminds us the famous Lenny Bruce lines “Miami Beach, where neon goes to die.” And this is so true!!! With great beaches where sun kisses the silvery sands and the art decoration offers a tempting backdrop to Miami, the place has become one of the iconic vacation places of South Florida. Biscayne Bay and Miami beach both alienate the Downtown Miami. The city has lot of things to offer like galleries to streets of Little Havana. Pamper yourself in the mid-country high end hotels, with sun-drenched poolside and artfully configured dining rooms ad luxurious nightspots.

Best Time to Visit Miami

When you are looking to escape the beautiful city, it very important to decide which the best travel time is where visitors can enjoy pleasant weather and cheapest airfares and less crowds to enjoy gala time. Amid the March to May when Miami smiles with the sun and offers 70s- 80s temperatures, travelers can enjoy gorgeous weather which allows sidestepping the peak winter rates.

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Top 10 Attraction in Miami

  • 1. Miami Beach
    Nestled on a barrier island and connected to the mainland by a series of bridges, Miami Beach is a blend of soft shorelines. Miami Beach is a perfect blend of somewhat neighborhoods, vibrant entertainment-bases areas, and wide spread soft- sandy beaches.
  • 2. Art Deco Historic District
    Regardless of whether you have no enthusiasm for the shoreline, the Art Deco Historic District is justified regardless of a trek out to Miami Beach. This building style, famous in the 40s, commands the stylish South Beach neighborhood.
  • 3. South Beach
    Situated at the southern end of Miami Beach is a magnificent stretch of sand known as South Beach. This wide area of shoreline fronts the sea in the area of a similar name. Frequently packed in summer, this is the most well known shoreline in Miami and one of the best shorelines in Florida.
  • 4. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
    This National Historic Landmark, occupies 28 sections of land, was the extravagant winter home of twentieth century industrialist, James Deering. Worked in 1916, the manor highlights 34 rooms orchestrated around a focal yard.
  • 5. Everglades National Park
    Everglades National Park, only a short drive from Miami, secures one of Florida’s most one of a kind regular highlights. These swamplands, occupying around 1.5 million sections of land, are home to gators, crocodiles, snakes, and a wide range of flying creatures.
  • 6. Bayside Marketplace
    Bayside Marketplace is an expansive open air style shopping center with in excess of 150 strength and vacationer shops, various bistros and eateries, and day by day live stimulation. Guests will locate some outstanding chain stores, and in addition numerous novel, unique spots. The commercial center draws local people and in addition vacationers.
  • 7. Little Havana and CalleOcho
    Little Havana, the Cuban area of Miami, isn’t recognized for its abundance of vacation spots yet more for its particular social scene. Eateries and claim to fame sustenance shops line the lanes, and Latin music floats through the air. Local people associate in the open spaces.
  • 8. Bayfront Park
    Bayfront Park, on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard, is a 32-section of land green space, adjoining the Bayside Marketplace. The recreation center has a few fascinating landmarks and figures.
  • 9. American Airlines Arena
    The American Airlines Arena is the home of the NBA’s Miami Heat. It is likewise the fundamental setting for vast shows and other extraordinary occasions, including top name artists and entertainers.
  • 10. Zoo Miami
    Zoo Miami houses in excess of 3,000 wild creatures, including 40 jeopardized species. Not at all like numerous customary zoos, are creatures here assembled with different species they would regularly coincide with gently in the wild, and kept in settings like their characteristic environments.

Outdoor Activities in Miami

While most of Miamians complain about the heat of South Florida, they become little cranky from the feelings of the hot and sticky, but summer also offers countless less outdoor activities during this season and you have to take advantage of it.

  • 1. Canoe or Kayak in Oleta River State Park
    Guests can borrow cousin’s Kayak and go for lake tour. Riding through a mangrove trails and the beautiful water of Biscayne Bay will give you a mesmerizing experience no doubts.
  • 2. Rent a quad bike at Bill Baggs Cape Florida
    When we are talking about outdoor activities in Miami, Key Biscayne offers ultimate dose of fun. Starting from the shoreline relaxation to hiking, fishing opportunities, there is everything an explorer can desire for.
  • 3. Swim at Venetian Pool
    Starting from its grottos and stunning waterfall, Venetian Pool is the unique place in Miami-Dade where travelers can play prank with your friends or family that you are in Cancun or lynching at the Playboy Mansion.

Shopping and Nightlife in Miami

If you have friends or family members who are shopaholic in nature, then surprise them by visiting Lincoln road Mall. There you will find shops and dine out outlets. The North of Collins is brimming with well known brand like Kiko, Urban Outfitters, Penguin, banana republic, Gap, Victoria Secret and lot more. And for party animal Miami has best things do after dark. The city Miami is best known for its nightlife. Amid the night when lights are low, music is up and drinks are ready to flow, the night bars, late night restaurants of Miami wakes up to hit dance floor with you. Book your flight to Miami now and get ready to enjoy this beautiful city. You will never get bored here.

Airport of Miami, Florida

Miami International Airport which is only airport services Miami, and also known as MIA. Eight miles away from the northwest of downtown Miami, the airport is in an unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Getting Around of Miami, Florida

If you are planning to land head Miami, then car is the best choice for getting around Miami. But there are other options that you can opt for it. Miamians love their autos, and in case you’re not leasing an auto, settle on taxi or auto benefit. The Miami-Dade Transit framework offers 800 Metro buses that cost $2.25 per trip; the Metro mover is free, electrically controlled, and circles around Downtown and Brickell neighborhoods.