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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I reschedule or change my flights?
We like to tell you that we have teamed up with various airlines for offering such advantages, yet their guidelines and directions for cancelling or exchanging differs very much, if it is permitted. In that case, you have to pay the expenses in the case of change in booking or rescheduling the flights it is required. The amount may vary, to know more about your request just make a call to our expert travel agent.
We offer round the clock services to our clients; thus whenever you are prepared to give the new travel plan, you have to dial no +1 (800)-217-2013 to connect our specialist.

For speeding up the process, you need to surrender the old tickets or files with desired travel itinerary.

What about e ticket booking?
E- Tickets are very convenient and literally help you to complete a paper free journey. You can take advantage of paper free travel as many of the airline has launched the e tickets services to provide extra privilege for all travelers. Business class travelers can take real benefit of e ticketing facilities.
If you have availed the e ticketing facilities, you need to carry just one id proof. Travelers need to carry their boarding pass as printed copy, so that you can easily complete the security check. Customer who have applied for e ticketing facilities but also have check in baggage to carry, they are advised to go ticket counter before security check.
Why are airfares different from other websites?
All carriers generally practice the yield administration business modules idea through which they offer the best number of seats as they can at the most astounding quality they can get. It is hard to pinpoint the cost of any single seat on any given flight. For example, a couple of seats will be devoted with an extraordinary charge for their corporate clients, while distinctive seats will have been sold through a consolidator at a discount. In this manner, a few tickets can be gotten at a marked down passage through the long standing customer grant focuses or from eleventh-hour exceptional rebates of Web locales. Yet, we are guaranteeing you that you will get your tickets at the most reduced cost around then.
How do I cancel the flight reservation?
It is good to know the facts that most of the airlines tickets are non refundable and non transferable. Tickets name cannot be changed but there is an option to choose next feasible dates for flying. But in that, a penalty charge you will have to pay. For further details it is advisable to call our support department.
What are the infant’s airline tickets booking process?
Infant booking process is very simple. You have kid whose age is less than 24 months and you are availing domestic flight that means your destination is within the United States, you need not to pay as long as they are seated on your lap. But in case of the oversee traveling, you need to pay for your child but a very nominal amount of airfares. Yes, taxes should be included. It is recommended to carry paper tickets even if they will be seated in your laps. For more details, please contact our customer support team.
How will I do a flight ticket reservation for my last minute travel?
See, if you want to book your tickets online then you need to give us three days, because some bookings need at least three days to materialize. However, you can connect to our support our support team for instant booking.
If any traveler wants to do ticket reservation online, he or she needs to initiate the process at least three days before, because, generally online ticket booking process requires at three days to materialize. Moreover, if you want to reserve ticket instantly you need to just call your travel expert.
Whether all taxes are included in the airfares or not?
The latest policy of U.S. Department of Transportation regarding Airline Passenger Protection had become applied on 24th Jan 2012 for advertising of airfare and baggage price. Flight fares are now comes with all taxes and airport charge.
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